Goodbye Ironman

I went into this sport the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world. Pursuing long distance racing has not only given me an incredible capacity of physical endurance, but it has also given me a great deal of mental fortitude. I am SO THANKFUL for my experiences in pursuing Ironman as my experiences have made me a stronger, more purposeful and powerful person.

Despite my love for Ironman, I recognize that if I want to eventually race at the level I wish to, I have to step away from long distance racing. As you know.. Ironman is extremely hard on your body!! And… Where your endurance may improve with age, your top end speed does not. So….. My game plan is to spend the next few years racing Sprint, Olympic, and 70.3s in hopes to become FASTER, gain experience, and to race more frequently. 

It was hard to DNF Ironman Boulder this year. I made a nutritional mistake that overshadowed any physical ability I possessed or gained in the past few years and it cost me the race I knew I was capable of. It was even harder to DNF knowing that IMB would be the last time I raced an Ironman for some time. While I would’ve liked to have ended this Ironman era on a better note, I recognize that this sport is a continual process of learning and developing .

As a former sprinter, I am excited to race shorter distances. Although as someone who has never “sprinted” anywhere but the pool… I am slightly terrified… Excited terrified… you know? The reality is, I have raced less than 10 triathlons in my entire life. Where I love Ironman and believe it is something I will eventually be able to do well, it is hard to gain experience and truly learn when you can only race a handful of times a year.

I never dreamed that I would cross the finish line of an Ironman at 21 years old or that I would be capable of making the kind of training required to do so become a way of life. I began riding and running 3 years ago. I took spin classes to train for a 70.3. I wore tri shoes and wool socks in the winter while riding because I didn’t know there were better shoes or toe warmers for that matter. I have made laughable mistakes, but at the same time, I have made large improvements in a short period of time despite my mistakes or even because of them. I am driven and I am excited to find the cap of my potential. No matter what the distance, triathlon has changed my life. It lights a fire in me. It gets me out of bed every morning. It makes me want to be BETTER. I hope more than anything that everyone finds that in some capacity within their life.

I have not decided upon specific Olympic or sprint races for 2017 yet. I do know I will be racing CDA 70.3 and Boulder 70.3 as I just can’t seem to stay away from CO…. 🙂 Please let me know if you are racing these, too, as I always love to meet and connect! I appreciate everyone who has followed and encouraged me through this sport. Looking forward to another year of relentless forward progress in life and in racing!


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